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Local Norfolk Boy, taste tests The Bullards of Norwich London Dry Gin

Bullards London Dry Gin

Being a local carrot crunching Norwich boy myself it goes without saying I was looking forward to tasting a London Dry Gin from Norwich and who else but Bullards who back in 1837 were known as the Anchor Brewery (hence the anchor logo).

To gain a bit of back story I gave the co-founders Craig and Peter a call and discovered that these guys only have one rule, and that is to make all their gins with tonka beans, a mad, mystifying botanical that Craig once baked into a fudge cake and loved. I know it's a mad reason, but boy does it work let me tell you.

I absolutely love the bespoke shape of the bottle, it is inspired by the Bullard's chimney stack that towered over the city for over 100 years. It's almost a shame to open it, but open it I will and to embrace the full tonka bean experience I poured myself a glass with an aromatic tonic and added a slice of blood orange for the full-on gourmet experience.

So with a glass in front of me, let me tell you, the nose on this is poetic, full of lime, pine and savoury thyme :) and the fist sip produced a soft creamy almost oily palette with sweet juniper leading nicely into honey, coriander and juicy orange flavours that linger on until it finishes in a climax of spices, mixed peels and fresh mint. The splash of tonic toned the finish down, but the final result is something really special that will hold wide appeal.

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