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Fishers Original

70cl, 44% ABV

Fishers Original

70cl, 44% ABV

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    Sometimes it's best to get back to the basics and with Fishers (our April 2020 Gin Club) I’d say it the perfect opportunity to. In all my time here testing gins, I've had bottles covered in parchment. I've had bottles with scales. I've had bottles that weren't really bottles because they were made of copper. So, looking at this unassuming gin, you would be forgiven for thinking that it's not as fantastical as the rest. I can tell you that you should shelve your preconceptions, because Fisher's Original Gin is a pleasantly unique experience.

    Described as "the Authentic Coastal Spirit", (and being from the coast myself) they're right. The simple bottle shows that Fishers, a distillery based between the sea and the salt marshes of Aldeburgh in Suffolk, doesn't need any fancy tricks to make their gin desirable. And as I've said before, nobody buys gin just to look at the bottle.

    So, let’s begin the best part. Even as soon as I opened the bottle, a rather herby scent, and a faint scent of salt, almost like the sea; (rather fitting given the "Authentic Coastal Spirit" moniker) enveloped the nose. As I poured a large measure onto ice and took my first sip the flavour met with a refreshingly sweet taste. Juniper, of course, at the forefront - and hints of orange peel and saltiness reminiscent of the sea air I'm so fond of lingered onto the pallet. And to finish, there was a delightfully minty taste, with small remnants of sweetness and spice thanks to the lingering juniper and cardamom.

    I live by the sea. I could go visit any time. But for someone who hasn't been in years, or maybe had never been before, this gin would act as a perfect example of what life is like here. I can honestly say it captured the spirit of the coast, fulfilling its title, and is a treat to enjoy.

  • Country England

    Region Aldeburgh

    Distillery / Brand Fishers

    Type Classic

    Alcohol 44% ABV

    Volume 70cl

    Product code: fish_og_70

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