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I've just joined the gin club, what happens next?

Welcome aboard, gin lover! You will receive an automated email detailing your order you can just sit back and wait for your 1st delivery to arrive on your preferred delivery date.

When is my next Gin Club/Year of Gin delivery?

Your first delivery is up to you. You select it on a calendar while ordering and your first box will arrive on that date. After that, all subsequent boxes will be delivered according to our schedule. We send Gin Club/Year of Gin boxes the first week of every other month as outlined below:

Gin Club/Year of Gin boxes are delivered every other month.
Month Delivery month?

Depending on the month your first delivery date falls in and the subscription interval you chose, your next box will arrive according to the table below:

Table showing an example of when you'll expect to receive your next subscription depending on the date you selected for your first delivery date
Month of first delivery date Second delivery date (first week of)
2-monthly box 4-monthly box
Jan '22 Apr '22 Jun '22
Feb '22 Apr '22 Jun '22
Mar '22 Jun '22 Aug '22
Apr '22 Jun '22 Aug '22
May '22 Aug '22 Oct '22
Jun '22 Aug '22 Oct '22
July '22 Oct '22 Dec '22
Aug '22 Oct '22 Dec '22
Sep '22 Dec '22 Feb '23
Oct '22 Dec '22 Feb '23
Nov '22 Feb '23 Apr '23
Dec '22 Feb '23 Apr '23

When are my Gin Club recurring payments taken?

When you first place your order you'll be charged immediately for the cost of the Gin Club (£40.00), delivery, and any extra gifts you added while ordering. Then, every 2 or 4 months (depending on the Gin Club you chose) you'll be charged £40.00 on the 26th day of the month before your next box.

Example: Say you order a 2-monthly Gin Club subscription and select January 23rd as your first delivery date. Your first box will arrive on your chosen date, January 23rd. You'll then be charged £40.00 on the 26th of March and receive your second box in the first week of April.

How do I manage my Gin Club membership?

Simples, get in touch with our super friendly dedicated customer care team where you can easily:

How do I Cancel my Gin Club Subscription Order?

After an initial commitment of two Gin Club deliveries, you can cancel your subscription at any time with no hidden charges. This must be done in writing by either sending an email or using our contact us form so we have a record.

If you cancel on or before the 21st of the month of your next payment then your order will be cancelled and you will not receive your next box. If, however, you cancel after the 21st then you will still be charged and sent the last box. Please note if you decide to cancel your subscription before your 2nd box arrives, we will deem your 1st box was intended as a One-Off gift and charge you the difference between the Gin Club Subscription at £40.00 and the actual cost of the One-off box, which is currently £55.00 plus £3.95 postage. (Free delivery is only available on Gin Club Subscriptions and not one-off Gin Club boxes). We do this to prevent the misuse of our introductory Gin Club special offers.

Can I Cancel a Year of Gin Club Gift Order?

No, this order is paid in advance at a discounted rate and will be fulfilled every 2 or 4 months for a year. You can of course change the delivery address at any time if this helps.

How do I Cancel my Gin Order?

Simply let us know at least one full working day before despatch. All cancellations incur a 2.5% fee to cover our credit card transaction fees and administration charges.

How big is your Gin Club?

We are small, with about 250 members at the moment, but our nimble size and the fact we do everything in-house just means we can supply genuine small craft gins that the big boys can't touch.

What exactly is in each Gin Club Box?

Well, alongside any special offers in your first box including how to access your Sip & Share membership, every month's box will include a full-sized bottle of small craft gin from here in the UK or anywhere overseas, a selection of tonics and mixers, nibbles and garnishes along with our unique Ginsarian newsletter and every issue of the bi-monthly "Gin Mag".

Can I add extra items to my basket when ordering a Gin Club membership or Year of Gin Gift?

Yes you can. Our unique order form will allow you to add whatever you choose and on top of your Gin Club/Year of Gin first delivery you will receive any extras you ordered as well.

Can I order over the telephone?

Yes, simply call 0800 808 7673 or if overseas call +44 1502 564488 during our working hours of 10am–5pm Monday to Friday. Please note there are times when we may be too busy to take your call so leave us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

Can I add a message to my order?

Yes, you sure can, it's what we do, gifting is our bag and we even have some suggestions if you're stuck, look out for them on our order form.

Can you deliver outside of the UK?

No, we only deliver to addresses within the UK and Northern Ireland currently.

My order has arrived damaged, what now?

So sorry, all we ask is that you snap a few quick photos to capture the damage as clearly as possible – including the inside and outside of your box, as well as the packing label and send them to our customer care team within 2 days of receiving your order.

What are your accepted Payment methods?

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Delta, Maestro, Electron, JCB and Paypal except for recurring Gin Club memberships where we are unable to accept PayPal and this method of payment will not be made available at checkout.

Can I pre-order weeks or months in advance?

Yes, we accept orders up to 12 months in advance but please bear in mind that payment will be taken at the time of your order.

I've been sent a gift anonymously; can you tell me who it's from?

Unfortunately, under the terms of the Data Protection Act we are not at liberty to disclose customer details held in our database. We will however contact our customer on your behalf letting them know your concerns if that's what you wish.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Protecting your personal information is incredibly important and we ask you to read our Privacy Policy if you wish to learn more.

Why Choose interGIN?

Gin bottle icon
Gin and a Splash

With our very own resident Ginsarian and loyal gin club membership, alongside 80 and growing big brand and small craft gins, tonics and cocktails on offer. We aim to be the UK's favourite Gin Delivery Service with a Splash.

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Gin Club

New & improved! Join the Gin Club for serious gin lovers that comes with a Splash of unique seasonal and gin related surprises every 2 or 4 months.

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Delivery to suit

Choose the exact day you want your gin or Gin Club gift delivered on. We offer 7-days-a-week delivery as well as timed options to suit you.

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Gin Gifts

Customise your gin order to your heart's content and add fresh flowers, nibbles, balloons and much much more from our awesome range of gin gifts.


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